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“What got you where you are now won’t
  get you where you want to be.”

 —  Marshal Goldsmith
        (NY Times Best Selling Author)
Your employees' genius as designers, engineers, or master builders has brought them great success thus far, but now they’re being asked to build and win new business by communicating externally, a.k.a. presenting in short-list interviews.

How do their expert creative and technical skills translate into effective presentation skills?

Unfortunately, they often don’t. (fear of public speaking is estimated to affect 75% of adults)

Building new business and presenting well requires a specific skill set that, when consistently practiced and coupled with your employees' creative and technical expertise, will move them from fearful public speakers to phenomenal presenters, winning your organization more work and maybe (believe it or not) even encouraging some fun in the process.

our flagship presentation training program has helped thousands of professionals in the worlds of General Contracting, Architecture, and Engineering gain more confidence, comfort, and clarity in how they prepare and deliver in the shortlist interview/pitch environment.

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is a neuroscience, behavioral, and social science-based storytelling approach to building better internal and external relationships that focuses on



  • a consistent and reliable short-list preparation process

  • more confident presenters in the short-list interview

  • greater team cohesion

  • improved win rates


Presentation Training

Amplified Authenticity

is the training program that gives your team stand-out Presence, a time-tested winning Process, and many opportunities to Practice and master the essentials of world-class presenting. Empower your team with the skills to win more work.

Leadership Development

Unleash your leadership potential with our dynamic and immersive training program. Discover your unique leadership style while gaining essential communication, mindset, and team-building skills. Influence, motivate, and elevate your team toward optimal performance. 

Professional Development Coaching

Accelerate your career with personalized professional development coaching. Our experienced coaches will guide you in honing your strengths, overcoming challenges, and setting strategic goals. Unlock your full potential and achieve excellence in your professional development  journey.


Meet Joe


Meet  Joe Masi

As a master coach and facilitator, Joe Masi takes authenticity and trust-building to the next level. Using the most recent research in neuroscience, behavioral and social science, and storytelling, Joe takes teams and individuals through a transformative journey of self and other exploration. He firmly believes that authenticity is at the heart of all successful relationships in business and in life.

Authenticity breeds trust.  Trust builds better relationships. Better relationships build better business.  

Joe Masi has been coaching professionals for over 25 years. He is an ICF-certified professional coach with two master's degrees in counseling psychology and personnel services and the other in the dramatic arts. His area of expertise is teaching and coaching teams and individuals on how to authentically and with great presence connect well internally as well as with clients in the pitch/short-list interview environment. 


Joe's work as a former counselor, fitness coach, and trained actor has been synthesized into a transformative training program that integrates a growth mindset, intentional use of body language, and use of an authentic storytelling process. Joe learned early in his coaching career that truth delivered with kindness transforms lives, both personally and professionally.  Joe is a father first and foremost and has learned most of his important life lessons from his son, Shai.



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Katie Clark,

Project Manager 

With Joe as my coach, not only did I overcome my incredible fear of speaking in public, but he showed me how to become empowered when speaking in front of a group. Now I actually enjoy and look forward to speaking opportunities!

Kevin Chua,

Project Executive

Working within an extremely complex industry comprised of highly technical individuals, Joe succeeded in breaking the mold of our team members to reset their focus on the key to every healthy relationship – communication.

Drew Lawson,

Sr. Superintendent

I went into this workshop with my mind made up, this was going to be a waste of time. Little did I know, by the end of two days, I'd be thinking this was one of the best trainings I have been a part of.




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